Is there a list of countries in which the Connex System provides vehicle recovery?

The updated list of countries may be found in documents to download (file Connex Availability.pdf).In the event of a confirmed theft, partner security services in other countries actively participate in stolen vehicle recovery abroad.

What is a theft procedure?

The theft procedure is launched by the SOC staff when a vehicle is stolen. The procedure includes all vehicle recovery methods based on the specification of individual products (e.g. automatic location).

Does the Connex Recovery System guard the vehicle interior, too?

The Connex System is a post-theft recovery system primarily aimed at recovering stolen vehicles. Selected products enable connecting the original or additionally installed car alarm with the Connex recovery system. In the event of vehicle interior damage, depending on the product specification the system notifies the user or SOC.

Am I entitled to auto insurance discount?

All Connex products meet the conditions of an active tracking system featuring maximum discount on insurance. The standard discount is 15-20%.

When do I set the servicing mode?

The servicing mode needs to be set prior to any manipulation with electronic devices in the vehicle (e.g. switching off the automotive battery). If you have a product using Driver Card, leave the card inside the vehicle (for example behind the sun visor). With this mode active, the system works at a lower level of vehicle security. Once the servicing is finished, you must deactivate the servicing mode.

When do I set the transport mode?

If a vehicle needs to be transported with the ignition off (e.g. by train, towing service), you must activate the transport mode in order to be able to transport the vehicle without setting off an alarm at SOC. When the transport mode is set, no vehicle movement or shocks are detected. All the other protection is preserved to ensure minimum vehicle security. Once the transport is finished, you must deactivate the transport mode.

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